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Author Jorja Lovett & New Release First Floor Cosmetics @jorjalovett @Totally_Bound #mf #romance #erotic #cougar #series

Hey everyone - welcome Jorja Lovett as she stops on by to share a delicious excerpt from Book 2 in her smexy series, The Depratment Store. This M/F contemporary cougar romance is a must read. 

Thanks for having me here today. I have so much to share with you! This has been one busy summer. Son number one is waiting for his exam results and I seem to have spent the past six weeks, packing and unpacking suitcases. Not to mention the washing. I'm not complaining though, my little trips to Ireland, London and Spain will no doubt be inspiration for future stories. On top of all the crazy, from Aug 15th my little cougar romance, First Floor: Cosmetics, goes on general release. This is the second book in The Department Store series.
Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.
From the outside, it looks as though Maggie Fenton has it all. The glamorous head of the cosmetics department lives a life of luxury, but money definitely hasn’t bought her happiness. In reality, she’s married to a serial cheat who has made her life a misery for over a decade. With her husband chasing younger women, and her teenage co-workers’ catty comments ringing in her ears, Maggie’s resigned herself to being on the scrap heap. Until Jonah Hamilton puts temptation in her way and reminds her she’s still a red-blooded woman.

Commitment is a four letter word as far as Jonah is concerned. He has no intention of settling down when he has the whole world at his feet. The only reason he takes a summer job at Kelsey’s is to fund his travels. Well, that, and the sexy older woman he can’t help flirting with over the makeup counter. Maggie soon becomes a good friend and someone who shows him how good love can be.

The chemistry between them is undeniable but is a fling enough to satisfy their desires, or is it simply the start of something bigger?


Jonah blinked as Maggie disappeared out of the door faster than an alcoholic to a free bar. Her husband had really done a number on her for her to have such low confidence. Her self-esteem was so fragile, one joke had shattered it to smithereens. He couldn’t let her leave like that, thinking such despicable thoughts about herself. And him.

He left the rest of his pint to give chase. He didn’t know why it mattered so much that someone he hardly knew was upset, but he didn’t want to part with her on bad terms.

I’m such a dick.

He dodged through the crowd, cursing himself. Any other sober, conscious of other people’s feelings dumbass would’ve realized she needed that reassurance her husband couldn’t give her. Instead, he’d laughed, convinced that the funny, warm, gorgeous woman with him would realize how daft she was being. Perhaps he’d been too cautious about letting his true thoughts about her be known.

All he’d done was to confirm her suspicions that she was nothing more than a has-been, when, in his experience, she was the most grounded, deeper than a fish pond, natural goddess he’d met in a long time.

He barged the heavy wooden doors open to see the smokers gathered outside in the last of the evening sun. With no sign of Maggie, he knew he’d blown it. Away from the cloud of smoke clogging his lungs, he scanned up and down Great Victoria Street. Among the student crowd, the young professionals and the theater-goers, he spotted her hot-footing it away, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.


He sprinted after her, not really caring who he knocked out of his path, but apologizing anyway. “Excuse me. Sorry. Move!”

Her steps slowed as she approached the traffic lights, giving him time to cover the distance between them. Before she could put her foot out onto the road, he grabbed her elbow and yanked her back.

“What the hell?” She stiffened, probably ready to batter her assailant with the handbag she was gripping like a deadly weapon. Only when she saw his face did she stop resisting.

With grim determination, he pulled her back the way she had come, not saying a word.

“Jonah? What’s going on? I need to go home.” The tone of her voice varied from loud, outright panic to quiet resignation. It only succeeded in driving him on in his quest.

When they reached the pub again, he dodged down the alleyway at the side. They didn’t need an audience. He pushed Maggie up against the wall, careful not to hurt her, but with enough force to stop her running again. He caged her between his body and the brick building. As she worried her bottom lip with her teeth, Jonah leaned down to catch it and draw it back out. She was soft and pliant, and her gentle scent intoxicated him further.

With a point to prove, he kissed her hard, plunging his tongue into her mouth to taste her sweetness and claim it for himself. Ordinarily, such an audacious move might’ve deserved a slap or a knee to the balls. Either would’ve been worth it. Instead, she went limp beneath him, submitting immediately.

He stepped back. “That is how you make me feel. How you should be kissed.”

Christ, the way she had responded to it made it a double sin that someone didn’t do that to her frequently.

Maggie stared back at him, her brow furrowed and her kiss-swollen lips parted and waiting. Beer or no beer, a certain part of his anatomy sat up to say hello.

Both he and Maggie stared silently at one another. Deep down Jonah knew he should be the one to walk away this time. He’d made his point. She was attractive and he fancied her. She could file that away for future reference the next time her husband went MIA. Jonah lingered on her moist lips a while longer.

“Do it again,” he could have sworn she said.


My erotic, Egyptian fantasy, Pyramid of Passion, will also be available for early download at Totally Bound.
Rosie Carter can’t decide—should she act on her feelings for her real-life co-worker or lose herself in the fantasy of her Ancient Egyptian lover?
Rosie Carter’s cleaning job at the museum is far from boring. She starts her night shift by finding the security guard, Nick, screwing a redhead in the office. Running from her attraction to him, she distracts herself with the newly acquired Ancient Egyptian exhibit.
The Gold of Valor catches her eye—a pendant bestowed on the Pharaoh’s soldier, Edifu. Its mystical powers transport her into the bedroom of the man himself, who thinks she’s a gift from the gods and worships her with his mouth, his tongue…
When Rosie wakes up back home she thinks it’s all been an incredibly erotic dream. Until it happens again. She rediscovers the joy of sex and a newfound confidence with her hunky warrior, but she’s caught between her fantasy life and reality. When co-worker Nick starts to show his true feelings toward her, Rosie has to decide what it is she really wants.
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Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7) for Seductive Studs & Sirens #SeductiveSnS #lgbt #glbt #gay #romance #bloghop

My brain has been wrapped around two new releases that fell within a week of one another and that are close to my heart. But my Gin & Jazz series has been very special to me, so I was a little sad to realize when a friend messaged me, that I'd forgotten that the final installment in the series - Play Acting - went on early download at Totally Bound today. I feel so guilty - like leaving one of the kids behind at the gas station on a road trip. So in honor of Play Acting  and silent film star Roman Pasquale's love story, I give you a moment of seduction between actor Roman and playwright Max. Need I remind you that there are more snippets to seduce you at other fine blogs? Check out the linky list after my teaser.

Max didn’t retreat from the intensity of their shared scrutiny. If he were to ever have the chance to be with Roman in the way he wished, he couldn’t be intimidated by him. They would have to be together on even ground. The tug at the corners of Roman’s mouth telegraphed to Max that the actor was okay with the possibility.

Their connection was interrupted by the arrival of their food. Max watched, amused, as Roman contemplated the meal before him. He was clearly at a loss. Making a big show of adding ketchup from a bottle on the table, Max smacked the end to loosen some of the tomato sauce onto the bun, then onto the side of his plate next to the fries.

Roman made a small snorting sound. “I wasn’t aware that I would have to beat the condiment container in order to add the contents to my sandwich.”

Max laughed again, regarding Roman to determine whether he was annoyed or simply jesting. Once more he was favored with Roman’s wicked gleam and he couldn’t stop himself from grinning happily. 

“Do you need my assistance?”

Pausing, Roman snubbed out his cigarette in the tray on the table before answering as if to make sure Max was paying complete attention to him. 

“I have a feeling I will be in great need of your assistance in many things.”

This time Roman winked and Max’s breath hitched. He needed Roman’s assistance too. There was a pressing problem that had suddenly made the crotch area of his trousers rather unpleasantly snug.

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Dangerous Wish (Uniform Encounters 6) Out Now! Let's Party! #giveaway #newrelease #gay #glbt #mmromance #romance #meninuniform

This is it folks, the final installment of Uniform Encounters Dangerous Wish. I'll no longer be writing about the City of Mesa, Arizona - a great place to visit by the way - but at least I left behind some happy fellas. (I should mention that there is a new uniformed men series on its way however *wink*) All of these books can be read as standalone stories because each one features different couples (and different uniforms). But for those of you who are following the series, this final book has a very special ending. That's all I can say. I'm one of those people who goes mental if something leaks on the internet about a TV show or movie I want to watch - so I won't do it to you!

To celebrate the release of Dangerous Wish,  I'll be giving away your choice of one of the back list titles of Uniform Encounters. Just comment below (with info please!) about what sort of ending you would like to see for the series. If you haven't read the series, that's okay - make up what you think would be a great way to end a series about a city of hot uniformed men in love! The giveaway runs until one week from today.
Here's the blurb for Dangerous Wish:

Love is a dangerous emotion that EMT Jared won’t risk. But it looks as though a sweet and sexy National Guardsman is about to make him wish for that—and much more.

EMT Jared Li loves his job, his friends and clubbing. There’s nothing like a night of fun getting glammed up, throwing on some heels and shaking his ass to the latest Britney tune. Life is all about having a good time with as many hot guys as possible.

Dan Harrison has been in the National Guard for about six months and out for not much longer than that. At twenty-two, he’s somewhat innocent, a little shy and not interested in meaningless hook-ups. One night at a karaoke bar changes everything for him when his fellow Guardsman Joseph introduces him to his friend Jared. Dan’s never met anyone like the luscious twink who’s filled with so much life and laughter.

A night of passion shakes them to their very cores. Jared really likes Dan, but doesn’t want to get caught up in any type of exclusive thing. Dan wishes there could be more between them, but is willing just to be friends in order to remain near the androgynous stunner.

Hanging out strictly as friends proves to be almost impossible for them both. Not only does Jared continuously lust after the muscular soldier, but he’s also falling for the caring and compassionate man. Dan’s every sex fantasy stars Jared in one of his daring club outfits, but his heart is what really matters and it’s already been lost to Jared.

A traumatic event breaks down the barriers between them and gives them the chance to be together the way they both want. But after Dan is called up by the Guard to assist at a natural disaster, the same bravery that Jared admires in Dan might be the final thing that separates them forever.
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Dangerous Wish (Uniform Encounters 6) for #TeaseMeThursday #7sexywords #gay #glbt #romance #mmromance

Welcome everyone to this week's Tease Me Thursday. I'm going to try something another author did on the 7 word, 7 sentence, 7 paragraph challenge: I'm going for the 7 words. I've never tried it before, and it seemed like it would be really difficult to find 7 words that could convey something all on their own without any context.It is! I'll confess that I had some help from a reviewer on this one. *wink* My 7 words from Dangerous Wish (Uniform Encounters 6) are:

"...Can't help it. You touch. I grind."

Dangerous Wish is on early download at TOTALLY BOUND this very instant, but will be available everywhere Friday!

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The Moment of Falling in Love for #MySexySaturday #teaser #sexy #mmromance #gay #romance

Hi everyone! In honor of the My Sexy Saturday theme this week of characters falling love, I want to share with you one of my favorites. In Guarded Desires (Uniform Encounters 4) Stephen, a mid-thirties DEA agent falls in love with an early twenties National Guardsman, Joseph. These two characters were drawn to one another immediately, but there is so much action going on around them, it's been very difficult for them to explore the possibility of love. Particularly since Joseph's only relationship was incredibly abusive.

“And you would be safer there. But God, Joseph. I don’t know if I can stand to be away from you for very long.”

What if he doesn’t feel the same?

“I’m not sure I can either.” Joseph sat up and looked into Stephen’s eyes. ”Will you wait for me? Until things calm down? I understand if you don’t want to, but I wish you would.”

Stephen pressed his lips to Joseph’s, forcing his way in to sweep his mouth with his tongue, conveying all his need to his young lover. He broke the kiss and grabbed the back of his head. 

“I’ll wait for you, Joseph. If things don’t get wrapped up with the cartel right away, we can still meet somewhere in between here and Phoenix. I’ll do whatever it takes to be with you, even if it can only be once in a while.”

Stephen surprised himself with his words. He hadn’t meant to sound so desperate for Joseph, but if he was being honest with himself, it was the truth. And they had both said they would be honest with one another.

He’s so young. He might think he wants this, but could change his mind if he meets someone near where he lives.

It tore at Stephen’s heart, yet he couldn’t help it. He was willing to take the chance that Joseph might get tired of their arrangement in case it did all work out. He couldn’t be without him.

Oh shit. Did I just fall in love?
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A Gay Rock Idol for Seductive Studs & Sirens #SeductiveSnS #gay #mm #romance #lgbt

Rockin' the Alternative just released this week and I thought I'd share a sexy moment from Bryan and Aubrey's story.  They meet for business, but it takes a left turn into pleasure.

He could detect a hint of anxiety in Aubrey’s voice and was compelled to reassure him.
“I’m good, Aubrey, really good.”
Aubrey exhaled and wrapped his arms tighter around him, hugging him. He placed soft kisses along his jaw line, moving to his earlobe, then suckling it in. It was so different to feel the light scrape of Aubrey’s stubble against his skin, the hard planes of his body, his masculine scent. It was sexy.
“That’s what I want, Bry, I want you to feel good. I’m not just looking to get laid.”
He leaned back even as he still kept a hold of Bryan. Aubrey peered at him, almost as if he were verifying that everything really was okay.
“I believe you.”
The odd thing was that he really did. He shouldn’t—given the reality of Aubrey’s rock star reputation—yet his heart told him differently. In the past he had listened to his heart and it had been right. In those instances, it had told him that the women he was with were not the right ones for him. Maybe this time it was telling him that this man was the right one. He shivered.
“No, I’m…” He swallowed, not ready for things to stop but not knowing how to ask for what he wanted, not even sure what it might be that he did. “I want to keep going.”
Rockin' the Alternative is available now at all the usual locations plus Totally Bound where you can get a bonus scene: Totally Bound
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