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Studio Orders for @MySexySaturday #BlogHop #Gay #BDSM #Romance #MySexySaturday

I'm back for some regularly scheduled posting for My Sexy Saturday. This week's theme is all about getting your sexy matter what your age. I'm posting 7-ish paragraphs (lots of 1 line dialogue that I'm not counting as individual paragraphs!) from Studio Orders (Gin & Jazz 5) set in 1920's Hollywood. Studio Chief Vincent is almost 20 years older than Juan, his valet. He's in his forties and certain that lasting love has passed him by - but the sweetly submissive Juan is changing his outlook.

“Good God, Vincent. What is going on with you and this young man? I’ve never seen you this way.”

The conversation stopped when one of the attendants came into the sauna to add more hot coals to the water. As soon as the door closed behind him, they continued.

“I don’t know what’s going on, that’s why I wanted to meet with you.” Vincent turned back to his friend, silently pleading with his eyes for his mentor to offer him the perfect solution. “I can’t get him out of my thoughts and he’s not helping by acting as though he would be amenable to a union.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“You know I’m very astute at reading people’s subtle nuances. However, he’s not all that subtle. I catch him staring when he thinks I’m not looking. Also, he magically appears as if from nowhere right when I might be about to ask for something.” Vincent smirked. “He also spends an unusually long amount of time showering.”

“I see. Then why don’t you put this poor boy out of his misery? Or rather, put him in some misery.”

“I’ve tried to dissuade him since I can see I’ll never be able to do that for myself. I even casually mentioned my age the other night to get his reaction.”

“He must have fainted from the shock.”

“Forty-two is hardly ancient, but I found out from his employment card that he’s only twenty-three.”

“Yet he still didn’t scamper away? Sounds serious.”

“I can’t tell. I’ve lost my focus, my centre.” 

“One of two things is going on, old sport, and you are the only one that can decide which one it is. Although, I believe it is likely a combination of both.”


“It’s been the longest you’ve ever been away from the club. You see Juan’s natural submissive tendencies, and since there is no one else available, you have the overwhelming urge to tame him.”

Vincent pursed his lips. “And what is your other theory?”

“That you are in love with him.”

“Ha!” Vincent snorted. “That’s ridiculous. I barely know the young man.”

“Precise timetables rarely govern cupid’s arrow.”

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Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7) for Tease Me Thursdays Hop #TeaseMeThursday #gay #bloghop #mm #romance

Hi Everyone - I'm back to more regularly scheduled snippetry. Yeah - more made up words. Anyway, this week for Tease Me Thursday, I'm offering up 7-ish paragraphs ( a lot is one line dialogue so I'm grouping things together *wink*) from Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7). In this scene, the unbelievable sexual tension that has been growing between playwright Max and actor Roman has reached critical levels. Unbeknownst to one another, they've both decided to confess all. But first, they're leading up to things gently by going out to a nice friendly dinner together.

“Are you still interested in sharing a drink with me? I have a bottle of a rather good gin back at my apartment.”
Roman had shed his pretence of good behavior. It had progressed from pointless to ridiculous to attempt to mask his feelings. He wanted Max and Max wanted him. It was that simple.
Max placed a hand to his forehead. “Y-yes, I would like that very much Roman, very much.”
Roman took a long drag on his cigarette then exhaled from the side of his mouth, never letting his eyes stray from Max’s face. He wanted to memorize every moment, every interchange between them. He would forever cherish the memory of the sweet anticipation leading up to their first night together.
“Splendid. Why don’t I have them pack up a dessert to take with us. I noticed they have one of my favorites.”
“What is it? I want to know all of your favorite things.”
It was impossible to let such a delicious comment go by unacknowledged. He moved in close and dropped his voice almost to a whisper.
“You are my most favorite thing dear Max, but these are high in my regard as well. I wish to enjoy some profiteroles with you later.”
Roman watched in amusement as Max appeared to be attempting to speak but it was as though his mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Roman slipped a hand under the cloth of the table and caressed Max’s knee. Max inhaled sharply.
“Oh, God, Roman.”
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GRNW Was Amazing - Can't Wait for 2015! @GayRom_NW #glbt #lgbtq #gay #conference #romance #authors

Hey all - as some of you know, I have 3 months in a row of author conferences in addition to everything else that's going on. I've had a tough year with losing two close family members, so having the chance to spend time with like-minded readers and writers was a true balm to my worn out soul. I posted some of these pics on facebook - but they're all I've got - so I'm gonna double post. *wink*
 A couple of the great panels with Rick R. Reed, Jordan Castillo Price, Anne Tenino, Radclyffe and others

GRNW (Gay Romance Northwest) was held in Seattle this past weekend. There was an epic line-up of incredible authors that also included readings at the University Bookstore the night before, numerous panels, pitch sessions, a book festival and signing as well as after-party readings and fun. A small sampling of attending authors included Charley Descoteaux, C Jane Elliot, Draven St. James, Ethan Stone, Devon Rhodes, Rick R. Reed, Amber Kell, L.A. Witt, Anne Tenino, Amelia Gormley, L. E. Franks, Rhys Ford, Daisy Harris, Andrea Speed, Megan Derr, Charlie Richards, Cat Grant, Pearl Love, Jordan Castillo Price, and oh my good Lord - I know I'm missing tons of others, so please forgive me!

Moi with author Devon Rhodes
Rhys Ford and LE Franks (they so silly)
With the adorable Draven St. James

The best part of this particular conference is how it encapsulates gender identification and orientations from across the spectrum. All are welcome! These was also a LGBTQ book drive for Gay City, to help add to their library. Since GRNW's first event in 2013, hundreds of LGBTQ books have also been added to the Seattle Public Library. Readings and get togethers are held throughout the year to keep the fire alive.

2015 promises even more growth to the conference and I've already marked my calendar to return next year. For more information on what's happening throughout the year and to watch for info for 2015 CLICK HERE. There's also a group on Goodreads which you can access HERE

I hope to see you in 2015!

Monday, September 22, 2014

GRL Supporting Author Ethan Stone Gives It Up for The Dirty Dozen Blog Tour - with #Giveaway! #GRL #gay #romance #author

I'm a little late on posting this - Ethan and I are still recovering from the non-stop partying at GRNW (Gay Romance Northwest) *wink* But it was worth waiting for! There's also a giveaway, so check that out at the bottom. Okay Ethan - bare your soul. Or something...

Q: What inspires you most when you are writing?

People around me doing interesting, funny or crazy things. Just watching life helps me to create my fictional universe.

Q: What brought you to write m/m? What keeps you writing in this genre?

I’d had stories in my head for years that I thought wouldn’t have a place in the publishing world. Discovering m/m was like a light going off in my head and all my characters could come to life.

Q: Of all the characters you've written, who is your favorite and why?

Cristian Flesh holds a special place in my heart. He was my first and one of the characters I didn’t hold back writing. 

Q: Many of us have pen names that we use and there are an infinite number of ways and reasons behind them, but I doubt many of them reflect the names we wish we’d been born with.  If you could micro-manage the ultimate do-over, what birth name do you want? What nickname?

I definitely should’ve been born Bill Gates, the second.  

Q: Name one unusual fact about yourself that you think your readers would be surprised to learn.

That I have no filters.

Q: What do you do that most injures the progress of your writing, and why do you do it?

Turning on the television is the worst thing I can do, but I do it all the time. It’s like the thing calls to me.

Q: If you had to trade writing for another creative pursuit, what would it be?


Q: In one sentence, write the beginning of a sex scene using some kind of food. Think of it as your hook.

The pepperoni pizza was hot and spicy just like my lover.

Q: Name one of your favorite characters of all time that someone else wrote. Can be M/M or any genre.

Chyna Shepard from Intensity by Dean Koontz. I read the book years ago and her strength during the horrible ordeal she endures is just amazing.

Q: If you could be one of your characters, who would you be and why?

Linc Carpenter from Bartender, PI. He’s clueless about how clueless he is. It would be fun to not let anything bother me.

Q: How many versions of a book do you usually write before you arrive at ‘the one’, and how does your editor impact that?

I usually write two drafts before sending it to my beta readers. Depending on the changes recommended there may be another draft. Once it goes to an editor it’s usually a rather clean draft, plotwise.

Q: If you came with a warning label, what would it be?

Parental Advisory: Explicit Language

Bio: Ethan Stone is an out and proud gay man. Which is fairly new in his life, the out part, not the gay part. He’s been queer his whole life, though he tried to deny it for years with a wonderful woman. The years in denial weren’t all bad, he has two amazing kids out of it. His son is a teenager and his daughter has made him a grandfather, three times over. A way too young grandfather.
Ethan recently returned to Oregon after almost a decade in Nevada. He no longer has a day job and is doing his best to make a living at this writing thing. If he can’t make a living, he at least wants to support his Mt. Dew and beef jerky addictions.
Readers can find Ethan on Facebook and Twitter (@ethanjstone).

Comment below to be entered into a drawing for your choice of an ebook copy from Ethan's backlist.

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Wanna Meet Me? Upcoming Convention Appearances #BookSigning #LGBTQ #Gay #Romance #Convention #GRL #GRNW

I thought I'd let y'all know what places I'll be lurking about this fall so you can avoid them *snort* Just kidding - I'm not that scary. Okay - maybe a little. Anywho - I'll be all over the country, so if you happen to be attending one of these cool events - let's party!

* Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up -  September 20th in Seattle. I'll be moderating a panel on the Do's and Dont's of Marketing and Author Persona. There will also be a Book Festival at the Hotel Monaco from 5:00 - 8:00 where I'll be doing a book signing with many other incredible LGBT Romance authors. I also have some cool SWAG to giveaway.

* Gay Rom Lit - October 16th - 19th in Chicago. This will be my first year attending, so I'm flying under the radar. If you're planning on being there, I won't be doing any scheduled signings, but Totally Bound will have a couple of my titles for sale - Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz 1), the What's His Passion Anthology (you can get LM Somerton, T.A. Chase and Ethan Stone's signature there too for that one) and at least one of the Uniform Encounters Series books. If you grab one and track me down - I'll be more than happy to sign it for you.

* Bent-Con - November 7th - 9th in Los Angeles. This a fantastic LGBTQ geekathon being held at the Burbank Marriott. I will be a part of the Inkslingers - Dirty Sexy Queer Books booth and will be available for book signings all weekend along with appearing on a couple panels. You can get more info at the Bent-Con site:

See ya there!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

All Fired Up for Seductive Studs & Sirens Hop #lgbt #gay #bloghop #romance #SeductiveSnS

Too much going on these next couple weeks and I'll be out of town, so I probably won't be here for the next Seductive Studs & Sirens. I'll offer up something extra naughty for this week to make up for it *wink*. This is from All Fired Up, my new firefighter and cop story from the Sin City Uniforms series. It just became available on early download at Totally Bound - yay!

Tearing his clothes from his body as quickly as he could, Trent kept his gaze trained on Shawn’s full cock, the flared head slick and red with his desire. It would be in his mouth soon.

Once he was free from the confines of his clothing, he advanced on Shawn. Right as he reached the couch, Shawn moved to stroke his own dick and Trent slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch. I want every drop that’s there on my tongue.”

“Then give me that.”

Shawn fisted his erection and tugged him forward with it. He wrapped his kiss-swollen lips around the tip, pressing his tongue in the slit. Trent lifted one leg and planted his foot on the sofa cushion next to Shawn. As Shawn lowered his mouth on Trent’s shaft, taking more of him in, Trent placed his hand on the back of Shawn’s head. He was careful not to push on him, only to cradle him.

His ball sac hung low and heavy, swaying as Shawn sucked him. Shawn had been running his hands up and down Trent’s legs as he deep-throated him, but he raised one of them to palm Trent’s nuts, manipulating them as he continued to hungrily eat his leaking dick. Shawn increased his suction, flicking his tongue like mad over his glans every time he reached the tip.

“Oh, God, close…”
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Play Acting (Gin & Jazz 7) Out Now! Roman's Story #gay #historical #romance #roaringtwenties #erotic #excerpt

I have a new series on early download this week, and the ending of another out on general release. Yes - it's time to say farewell to the Gin & Jazz series, which makes me want to cry. I never anticipated how deeply involved with this world I would become. between the Hollywood antics and the roaring twenties - it's been a blast to write. I've mentioned it in guest posts at other blogs, but this series was originally only supposed to be 3 books that told Jack's story. Instead, it has garnered 7 and not only told Jack's story, but several of the supporting character's ones as well. 

(Don't fret though - a spin-off from this series will begin in a couple months. It focuses on The Hampton Road Club which is the sadomasochism club studio chief Vincent Franklin belongs to in Studio Orders. #HardToLetGo)

This final book in the Gin & Jazz series happens a few years down the road from the other books and tells the story of the man everyone loves to hate - silent film star Roman Pasquale. But he's had those years to ruminate on his mistakes and failures. Is he ready to love unconditionally? Playwright Max Vogel is anxious to find out. I'm offering up an extended excerpt that features a very sexy interlude between the two men - yowza. After that, I have the links where you can pick up this rather naughty installment. That Roman is a dirty dog after all *wink*

At last, they were inside the Rolls, their coats covering their laps. They were seated at an appropriate distance from one another, the driver suitably engaged in watching the road. Roman allowed his fingers to carefully travel over to Max’s thigh. He felt him tense and he figured Max was accustomed to being much more discreet than Roman. He started to pull away but Max captured Roman’s hand, pulling it to him then pressing it against his crotch. 

Roman was barely able to suppress a groan. He easily wrapped his fingers around Max’s rigid cock through the pleated dress pants, heat radiating from Max’s sizeable length encased by the loose fabric. He glanced sideways at Max, careful not to move very much. Using his palm to grip Max’s shaft, he allowed only his thumb to stroke and tease the end. Max’s eyes were closed and in the flashes of light from the street lamps Roman could see the muscles tensing in Max’s jaw, the way he kept his lips tightly pressed together as he breathed in and out a bit too rapidly. There was a tremble to Max’s thighs from his obvious attempt not to thrust forward.

Sensing Max might be on the verge of coming, Roman let go of Max’s dick, then ran his hand slowly down Max’s leg to his knee, keeping his touch light and promising. As soon as Roman had loosened his grip on Max’s cock, Max had exhaled loudly, eliciting a brief glance from the driver in the rear-view mirror before the chauffeur darted his eyes forward again. As Roman traced his fingers on Max’s knee, Max reached for him too, doing the same. They continued that way for a few minutes until Max brought his hand to Roman’s and held it, squeezing and caressing with his fingers, Roman responding in kind. Roman turned to Max, smiling, happy. 

They were in some sort of synchronistic dance with one another, their touches conveying what their words couldn’t. It was all very unusual for Roman. He was accustomed to being the aggressor. While he sensed that Max would submit to his carnal demands willingly, it was also apparent that Max would be a lusty and giving lover.

Why can’t this dratted man drive any faster?

He turned his attention back to his sweet Max, amazed at how the ghosting of their fingers on each other’s hands could be so erotic. Forcing himself not to openly stare at Max, Roman kept his eyes toward the front of the car and was relieved to see his apartment building coming into view at last. He gave Max a final squeeze before disentangling himself. A melancholy sigh escaped Max’s lips and Roman wished he could crush him in his arms immediately—that he could be allowed the small joy of expressing his affection in the moment it occurred.

I will have to make it up to him when we’re alone.

Roman closed his eyes and held his breath, waiting for the driver to open their doors, freeing them to escape into the privacy of his home. He was reminded of how uninterested he’d been in the fact that the building was exclusively occupied by only those interested in a partner of the same sex. He had not only become extremely interested, but he was currently rather grateful. Maybe he would send Maude some flowers.

If she doesn’t kill me in my sleep after she finds out about this.

Roman could lie to himself all he wanted that they would be able keep their dalliance a secret, but the power of what was transpiring between him and Max—combined with Maude’s uncanny ability to snoop around his business—would be a complete giveaway. Once they’d escaped the driver’s questioning stare and Roman had sent him on his way, they hurried into the lobby of Roman’s building. It wasn’t very late, only a little after nine, but the elevator was empty when the concierge pulled the gate open. 

The inner doors closed and Roman hit the button for the tenth floor. Dropping both his overcoat and the box of pastries, he then whirled around, grabbed the lapels of Max’s suit jacket then shoved him against the wall. Max’s back hit it hard and his mouth parted in a gasp, his coat falling to the floor as well. Using that as an invitation, Roman clamped his lips onto Max’s and explored his mouth freely. There was no hesitation as Max clutched at Roman’s sleeves, then lowered one hand to grip Roman’s ass cheek, yanking him closer.

They kissed over and over, grinding their steeled erections against one another, their desperate moans increasing in intensity. The creaking gears of the lift became louder as it slowed, nearing the floor of Roman’s apartment. Roman stilled, breathless. He pulled back enough to see Max’s glazed eyes. Grasping Max’s jaw, he held it tight, pressing Max’s lips together until they were forced open with his lower lip jutting out. Roman latched onto it, biting down hard enough to elicit a small cry from Max then scraping his teeth along the sensitive flesh as he let go. 

He stepped away from a breathless and visibly aroused Max, their eyes still locked. Roman dropped his gaze to appreciate his handiwork on Max’s flushed and swollen lip. Max ran his sweet tongue along it slowly, making it shine with moisture. It beckoned to Roman and he whimpered, cursing the fucking elevator for taking so long to come to a complete stop.

Finally it did and Roman reluctantly turned from the sexiest man he’d ever seen to yank the metal accordion style gate open. As unexpectedly passionate as Max was and as needy as Roman was, he didn’t expect their fucking would last long. The evening hadn’t turned into the heartfelt confessional he’d originally planned, but he was perfectly fine with the way things had played out. Max was an unbelievable treasure.

Thankful that no other tenants were in the hall to interrupt their frenzy of desire, Roman retrieved the slightly damaged box of profiteroles he’d dropped on the floor as he’d boarded the elevator and jumped his lover. They both gathered their rumpled coats, Roman chuckling and Max giving him a sly grin.

Oh yes. We were made for one another.

Roman leaned in and pulled Max forcefully to him by his collar and nipped at his delectable lip again. Max laughed, licking Roman’s mouth, then dipping in with his tongue to take small tastes before retreating again.

“Naughty boy.” Roman whispered it in between Max’s exquisite kisses.

“I can be very naughty for you Roman.”

Max took Roman’s mouth some more. After basking in Max’s honeyed flavor for a little longer, Roman reluctantly broke the connection, desperate to get them alone.

“Come along my sweet devil, it’s time that I fuck you.”
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