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Author LC Bellami - Nathan's Facade Excerpt Tour With #Giveaway! #gay #romance #mmromance

Full Synopsis:

A short story about the power of first love at first sight
  …a modern day fairytale.

What if the walls came tumbling down…What then? 

An architect and construction worker meet and fall hard for one another. When certain circumstances arise they are pulled apart. Can they find their way back to each other, or are they destined to be alone? With the help of a mysterious old woman and a newly formed family of great friends and odd ball characters, they may just stand a chance! 

Nathan is the hottest young architect around and a greatly sought after as he is the most eligible trust fund bachelor playboy. Everyone wants a piece of him and many seek out his artistry. Nathan however is lonely and keeping a very big secret from the entire world. He is kind and shy and is always afraid in the back of his mind that he will once again loose everything that matters to him in life, as he did once before.

Joe is a construction worker who is large and in charge. He is what he is and doesn’t hide a thing…except how empty he his life has began to feel. He is tired of one night stands and desperately yearns for something deep and real…a love that will last, and a relationship beyond the physical. He also has a desire to know the finer things in life…he wants to drink wine and know if it is a good vintage, he wants to look at paintings and understand their secret language…he wants a better life where poverty is a distant memory. He would happily and thankfully however, settle for true love even if he never gets the rest.

When these two meet, lives and emotions collide and great transformation is around the bend and life will never be the same for either men.

 Will these two unlikely lovers be able to overcome their differences? Why do both men feel like they have met each other, upon first glance? Will Nathaniel let go and let Joseph knock down the walls of his careful facade to come in? If he does…what will the fall out be?

Main Character descriptions:

Nathaniel Langly is the hottest young architect in Chicago. Sought after by everyone and caught by none. In fact dating none…as in ever; not really….he goes on fake dates four times a week, and the evening always ends after dinner. Despite his status, his business achievements, and his talents…he is shy, kind, gentle, soft spoken, and utterly hopeless when it comes to seeking what he really wants…what he really needs. A big strong man to come in and share his life with him…and a big strong hand on his behind. He never had a father to show him how to be a man and he has always wanted a father figure…a father figure with benefits. Unlike the circles he runs with… he doesn’t care about money, prestige, or any part of the superficial facades that the upper class concern themselves with in desperate attempts to hold on to their fortunes, and distract themselves from the miseries in their own lives. The fact that Nathaniel looks like the love child of Emmet Cullen and Clark Kent, with a side of Michael Angelo’s David doesn’t always help him in his personal life, though it most likely did get him his first few jobs that made his career. He doesn’t think of himself as all that attractive though a lot of people tell him that he is. When he looks in the mirror all he sees is hopelessness and what he doesn’t have. Despite this fact, he always finds a way to put a smile on face, ever the professional and soldier on through all the lonely nights. Until he meets Joseph and his world to changes almost overnight.

Joseph Hays is a usually quiet, very intense construction worker with a longing to better his life and situation. Not that he minds hard work and anyone can see that. Hard work turned him into one of the hottest men ever to walk the earth. He is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He is not shy about who and what he is either, which despite the differences from his co-workers earned him some respect. While the other men cat call women to no end, he himself cat calls young college age boys confusing some, infuriating others, and making a few feel orgasmic when he looks their way. He is the manifestation of what it would look like if you crossed Eros and Adonis the Lords of sex and beauty, with the dark knight on his black steed, and then threw in a little cowboy for good measure; did I mention he was born and raised in Texas…and they really do grow them Bigger in Texas! He moved to Chicago at sixteen. A couple of his peers and ex’s would describe him as a blue collar god. He likes guys a little younger than himself. They are more open and more malleable then men his age, who seem so stuck in their ways. His friends often call him Smokey Joe because his sexual attractiveness is evident even to his straight fellow co-workers. Smokey Joe doesn’t exactly refer to a cup of coffee, but alludes to the fact that Joe is smoking Hot. He wants someone to share his life with. He is tired of the occasional one night stands. He wants to be adored by one person who he considers truly worthy of his time, attention, skills, and oh yes… actual Love! He also wants someone to let him take control in the bed room, and also to show him the finer things in life that he longs to know!

Main Character Physical Descriptions and Inspirations:

Nathaniel Langly is taller than the average man, standing at six feet. He has black curly hair that always manages to look flawless and perfect. He has kind, soft, blue eyes, and a complexion that is almost unreal; looking as if porcelain can have a natural bronze tone. His face is angular with both sharp and rounded features, and high cheek bones that make him look as if he is descended from royalty…or possibly from a mythological deity.

Joseph Hays is taller than Nathaniel by a good five to seven inches; he is built, and broad. He has dark hair that when not tied back hangs just above his shoulders and around his chin. When it is tied back short strands fall out and hang in wavy tendrils around his face. His dark eyes are intensely warm and bright. They are a mix of dark chocolate brown, and copper, with flecks of amber and red. The guy smiles a large sexy grin. He has a cocky swagger, his hips sauntering so that when he walks he looks as if he is making love to the entire world.

The Physical Inspirations behind Nathaniel and Joseph are Henry Cavill and Joe Manganiello. 

This book will be available for purchase in January, 2015

Author Bio:  

A Mystic Born into the wrong century and on the wrong continent, L.C. Bellami somehow ended up being born and raised in Texas. He was born into a family which has long been in The Ministry. Religion and Spirituality play a part in all that he is, though as a proud Queer he has a far different perspective about life than most people. He was raised loving Literature and The Arts. After deciding traditional education was not serving him all that well, he enrolled in vocational school and became an Alternative Health Practitioner; and later went on to become an Ordained Minister. He had many interests growing up and many dreams that never came to fruition; however one dream never left him. The desire to be a published author has been a life long aspiration. As a Survivor of abuse and bullying he loved to escape into books, movies, and music. Stories were and still are a lifeline that takes him to a brighter place. His goals as a writer are as follows; to write the stories he always wanted to read as a young queer man and never had, to bring the awareness of God and Spirit to people with a new perspective, and to help people understand that sexuality is neither wrong or without sacredness and beauty!

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A Gin & Jazz Sexy Morning for #MySexySaturday #RainbowAwards #sexy #excerpt #BlogHop #mmromance

For this week's theme for My Sexy Saturday I have the perfect snippet from Starring Role (Gin & Jazz 4). It's even more perfect because this past week Gin & Jazz, books 1 - 4 received an Honorable Mention then were a runner-up in the finals. I'm proud of my boys and all their exploits in 1920's Hollywood. Here's 7 paragraphs from the morning after the Big Reunion. Enjoy!

Nick descended softly over Jack, sprinkling his head, cheeks and nose with light little kisses. Nick pressed his lips to Jack’s, his mouth less sore. He needed to share a deep kiss with Jack soon or it would drive him mad. Jack lay on his side facing Nick, and as he continued to love on Jack’s face, Nick stroked Jack’s shoulder and arm, gently urging him awake.

“My Jacky boy, come on, wake up. Your Nick misses you too much.”

Jesus, I sure got sappy with the kid. Ah, fuck it.

Sleepy grumblings accompanied the stretching of limbs as Jack tried to rouse himself.

“Ya look like a fuckin’ cat.”

Jack turned his head towards him and squinted, rubbing a hand across his face. He widened his eyes as if he were shocked, and launched himself at Nick, clutching tightly to him. He wiggled closer, curling his arms and legs around Nick.

“Whoa, hey there.”

Nick returned Jack’s embrace, rocking him, planting more kisses on the top of his head. He wanted to fuck him again so bad but knew Jack had to be sore from the previous night. They would have to make sure there were supplies for later.

Yes. Later. 
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Biking Bad @MySexySaturday #gay #bikers #erotic #romance #MySexySaturday #BlogHop

Hey everyone - I'm back in action here for My Sexy Saturday. All the traveling this fall for the various cons, plus lots of deadlines has made it difficult to keep up with everything. Oddly enough, my holidays should be less busy than earlier in the year - I won't be on a plane somewhere!

This week's theme is all about those sexy words lovers speak in the heat of the moment. My seven-ish sentences are from Biking Bad, one of the stories from the new Hard Riders biker anthology, just released today.

“You’re not scared again?” he murmured next to Dylan’s ear, licking behind the lobe then sucking hard enough to leave a mark. There’d be no doubt that Dylan was his. Instead of repelling Zero, it thrilled him. 

Sighing, Dylan nuzzled into him as if seeking more contact from Zero’s lips and tongue.

“Not scared. Need you. I thought about you every day and every night.”

Zero uttered a primal sound, low and guttural. “Me too, cutie.”

Get your copy of the Hard Riders Anthology  HERE at Totally Bound
or HERE at Amazon

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M/M Romance Goodreads Member's Choice Awards Voting Polls Are Open! #gay #romance #awards #voting #mmgoodreads #NSFW

Hey kids - if you happen to be a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance group and you thought that All Fired Up featured the best rescue worker/fireman character of the year - then heck, I would love it if you'd head on over to vote for it HERE. Trent would really appreciate it too, he works extra hard protecting the fair citizens of Las Vegas. And protecting Shawn ;-)

Here's a saucy excerpt to remind you of some of the hot action those two boys got themselves into (I swear I wasn't using that tired old joke about 'hot' and 'firemen'. Okay. Maybe just a little)
From All Fired Up:

Shawn exhaled slowly, the talk of his brother forming a knot in his stomach the way it always did. It was a reminder that he really was all alone in the world.
Trent stood then moved to kneel beside his chair. He took one of Shawn’s hands and sandwiched it between his own.
“They obviously don’t realize what they’re missing by not having you in their lives.”
Trent caressed him, his strokes strong and assured. Comforting.
A surprising wave of emotion rose up in him and for a disconcerting moment, he thought he might tear up. He swallowed around the lump in his throat to tamp it down. He needed Trent to take him away from the ugly thoughts their conversation had brought up.
“Take me to bed?”
Without answering, Trent rose then gently tugged on Shawn’s hand, encouraging him to follow. The last thing Shawn needed was encouragement to go with Trent, but he liked the sensation of feeling wanted. Once they were inside his bedroom, Trent yanked Shawn to him, and any reserve they may have had left between each other was stripped away. They used their hands, lips and tongues frantically on one another. Even as they peeled off their minimal clothing, they remained in contact as much as possible.
Heavy breathing and urgent groans filled the air and Shawn remembered what Trent had asked him earlier - asked if he wanted to bottom for him. Even though he usually bottomed, the idea of Trent covering him with his strong, muscled body and driving into him with his generous length made him shudder. He whimpered.
The floor seemed to fall away and he realized he was in Trent’s arms again. It was crazy how much he liked it. After all that had happened between them, he’d been sure that he would have fought being carried. After being tossed on the bed, Trent loomed over him, staring down at him.
“Gonna make you feel so good.”
Trent moved fast, the mattress dipping as he pushed Shawn’s legs open and back, exposing him to Trent’s view. Shawn was rock-fucking hard and not sure how he could possibly last. He cried out as the moist heat of Trent’s lips and tongue caressed his sac, laved his shaft then sucked briefly on his tip. Trent moaned, the vibrations going to his very core.
“Love your taste.”
Trent had muttered it in between licks and sucks in an even raspier voice than normal. Never had he had a man love him with his mouth so thoroughly, so sensually. When Trent dipped to his hole, poking it with the end of his tongue, he startled, clenching his pucker. Trent ran one hand up his abdomen to his chest, pinching and tweaking his nipples. He used the other to hold Shawn in place, to hold him open as Trent greedily ate his ass.
“Please…” Shawn mewled.
His steeled erection bobbed against his belly as he writhed under Trent’s oral attentions. Still Trent held him down, and he was unable to do anything but take the pleasure Trent forced on him. Clutching the sheets in his fists, Shawn made a strangled animal noise, not sure where all his sounds were coming from. But he knew where all the sensations came from - Trent’s touch, his mouth, his hold, the way he seemed to give everything over to making sure Shawn was taken care of.
Trent lifted his head then licked his way up from his hole, perineum, across his sac and up his length. He swirled around his helmeted head, pushing his tongue into Shawn’s slit. Shawn reached for Trent, but Trent grabbed his wrists before locking his eyes on him. It was just before twilight—the room dim but not dark.
“I want in.”

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Author TM SMith and The Cellar (Opposites Series) Blog Tour! #giveaway #gay #dystopia #romance #newrelease

I'd like to welcome author T.M. Smith back to the blog for my stop on her tour for The Cellar (Opposites Book 2.5) Stay tuned for some fun facts from T.M., Lucien (Who the character Raven is based upon) and Raven himself (don't get any ideas kids, he's MINE!)Then enter the rafflecopter giveaway!

It's time to learn the truth about what happened that day in The Cellar.
Taryn and Thanos are the formidable Ambassadors of House Orion. Taryn was born into power, bred from birth to lead the people of Greece along with his sister Theresa, Thanos was never a part of his mother's plan. The son of a fisherman was not a suitable match for the son of Greece as far as their mother was concerned, but Taryn always takes what he wants.
The Cellar is the story of how these two men met and fell in love, and what lengths Taryn went to, to ensure he kept his man. This novella also contains a more detailed accounting of what happened the night Raven and Tanis went for a walk on the beach, and the adult version of Mistletoe and Mayhem that was initially released as a free short through goodreads. 
Cellar Buy Links:

The Cellar is the second novella in the Opposites series, the series should be read in order.
** Warning, Opposites is an Adult Dystopian majorly M/M series that contains explicit sexual content and relationships between gay, straight and lesbian couples. However, The Cellar is strictly a M/M novella **
 Author bio:
A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. She now calls Texas home from her small town on the outskirts of the DFW Metroplex. Most days you can find her curled up with her kindle and a good book alongside a glass of something aged and red or a steaming cup of coffee!
At 42 years young, she's decided to enter the next phase of her life by adding the title of "author" to her list of accomplishments that includes single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Smith is and outspoken advocate for Autism and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.
Her Opposites series is based outside the normal parameters of social acceptability, examining a 'what if'... What If to be gay or lesbian were the norm? What if to be straight labeled you as an Opposite and made YOU the Outkast?
Author links:

Favorites Q&A with TM, Raven and Lucien…

~ Favorite movie
TM: Catch and Release
Lucien: That is a never ending list. If I MUST name just one, The Lord of The Rings.
Raven: Were the World Mine

~ Favorite actor
TM: Morgan Freeman
Lucien: Another long list, but currently I’m very into Joe Manganiello.
Raven: Chris Hemsworth, he’s sooooooooooo pretty! Just don’t tell Tanis I said that.

~ Favorite actress
TM: Julia Roberts
Lucien: Bette Davis
Raven: Merle Streep, because she can play anything and make it believable.

~ Favorite color
TM: Pink
Lucien: Purple
Raven:  Black

~ Favorite food
TM: Beer and Pizza!
Lucien: Tex Mex
Raven: Asian

~ Favorite holiday
TM: Halloween
Lucien: Samhain
Raven: Christmastime

~ TM, what is your favorite thing about basing a character on a friend?
It’s nice to have a unique character that truly has a voice aside from the one that lives in my head.

~ Lucien, what is your favorite characteristic that Tams has written into Raven?
I like that she made him pretty which I am not, and that he is like me in most ways as far as personality and spirituality. He’s pretty and he’s lethal, which is great combination.

~ Raven, what is your favorite thing about Tanis’s?
His take charge attitude, especially in the bedroom.

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