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Hesitant Heart (The Hampton Road Club 1) is Over 1/2 Off Through November 14th Only! #gay #BDSM #romance #historical #newrelease

The first book in my new 1920's historical series - The Hampton Road Club - is only $2.50 (over 1/2 off regular price) through November 14th. Hesitant Heart begins the series that is a spin-off from Studio Orders of the Gin & Jazz series. It takes place in the same era, but focuses on the couples at the sadomasochism club, Hampton Road. I'll share an exclusive excerpt and buy links with you after the blurb. I hope you enjoy little Sam's coming of age journey!

In Hesitant Heart, we meet Aaron, a lonely Dominant man given to dark moods. He eases his pain by hiring men to give him what he desires. He also relieves some of his melancholy by painting them bound in ropes or silk ties.

Sam is a naive and innocent young man of eighteen who has escaped his abusive father's clutches. He comes to Hollywood, planning to only stay briefly until he can afford to move on. But a beautiful older man catches his eye at the bathhouse where he works as a towel boy, and he can't bear to leave him - even if they've never spoken more than a few words to one another. When Aaron comes to his rescue, Sam discovers things about himself and about love he never knew existed. If only he could be sure that he was completely safe from his father...

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Sit down.”
Aaron had gestured to the settee that was on the other side of the room from where the large bed was. Everything had an airy elegance to it. Sam did as Aaron had instructed and waited until he’d pulled the small matching wingchair over and placed it in front of him. Sitting down, he crossed his legs languidly in the same manner as he’d done in the bathhouse private room—except for the fact that he currently wore clothes.
“Sam, I need you to tell me what’s troubling you.”
“I told you—”
“And you’re most welcome. But I already said we could work something out once you have employment. Don’t you believe me?”
Shaking his head vigorously, Sam blurted out, “Of course I believe you! You kept your word at the bathhouse, you’re being so nice to me. I’d do anything you asked.”
He noticed a slight grimace on Aaron’s face.
“Yes. I believe you would.” Aaron seemed to regard him intently. “You have to be very cautious not to give everything of yourself away to someone just because they’ve been nice to you. Someone could take advantage. You must be careful, little Sam.”
“But what about what you said earlier? About giving control?”
Sam watched uneasily as Aaron seemed to hold his breath as he stared at Sam. It was impossible to tell what was really going on behind his implacable expression.
“That’s a decision to be made with prudent and thoughtful consideration. It’s not to be done lightly.” Aaron had said it in a severe tone, very unlike his typically smooth one. “Now tell me what’s actually bothering you. Be honest with me.”
There was an uncomfortable knot in his stomach. He was terrified to tell Aaron the truth, but he didn’t want to lie. He wanted to please Aaron, not have anything come between them. Even if it didn’t seem as if there either was or would be a ‘them’.
Sam worked his mouth open and closed a couple times as if he were warming up to the idea of speaking. “I…I’m not used to being alone. I don’t like it.”
Aaron’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh?”
Despite feeling more than a little silly, Aaron had insisted, so Sam continued.
“I shared a room with my two little brothers right up until I left home. I also have two sisters. The house was always full. When I came here, I was in the car with Louis.”
There was an almost feral glint in Aaron’s eyes and he practically growled out his words. “He never touched you, did he?”
“No!” Sam face heated. “He…he asked me to come live with him though.”
Aaron made a sound akin to a grunt. “I bet he did.” He took a deep breath and seemed to regain his composure. “And why didn’t you go with him? You had nowhere else. He could’ve taken care of you.”
“I didn’t like him like that.”
“I see.” Aaron appeared to relax, his tone calm again. “But when you arrived here, you were still alone, right?”
Sam wriggled around in his seat. Someone as strong and mature as Aaron wouldn’t understand about needing another person, about loneliness.
“It wasn’t what I would’ve preferred, but at least there were the other boys in the room. I wasn’t completely alone.”
Aaron fixed him with a compassionate stare. “Are you scared to be here alone?”
He had to drop his head. It was all so unbelievably embarrassing.
“Sam. Look at me now.”
The command in Aaron’s voice had been unmistakable and Sam didn’t hesitate to meet his eyes. The very sound of it had him all soft and melty on the inside.
“Don’t be ashamed to admit that you need the comfort of another person.” Aaron’s tone had softened. “Everyone does.”
Sam gasped. “Even you?”
There was the barest hint of a smile on Aaron’s lips, but it seemed to be tinged with a melancholy. “Even me, little Sam.”
His head was alive with all kinds of thoughts and questions. He needed to know more about Aaron, everything he possibly could. Swallowing hard to try and relieve the dryness in his throat, he then took a deep breath to give him the courage to ask his next question.
“So…do you have anyone?” He was sure his cheeks were a bright red, but he wouldn’t back down. He had to know. “I mean, so that you’re not lonely?”
If only Aaron would show more of his feelings.
Sam had caught a few moments that day where there’d been some emotion from Aaron, but for the most part, he’d maintained a slightly amused, even expression. However, there was  something about what Sam had said that seemed to have affected Aaron strongly. There was a genuine sadness in his eyes. Even his shoulders had slumped almost imperceptibly.
“No.” He cleared his throat. “I have no one.”
Sam considered this, frowning. “But you’re so handsome and nice. I don’t understand.”
Aaron sighed. “It’s perhaps preferable that you don’t. I have specific needs that I require from a companion that are unusual, at best. There haven’t been any who’ve desired to stay with me under my conditions.”
“I’d stay with you.”
The startled look on Aaron’s face alerted Sam to the fact of what he’d just blurted out loud. As much as his cheeks continued to furiously heat up, he couldn’t take it back. And anyway, it was the truth. Wasn’t that what Aaron had asked for?
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Also available on sale at ARe and Barnes & Noble 

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The Spooktacular Blog Hop! Oct.31st - Nov 2nd #giveaway #gay #glbt #romance #bloghop

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED AND THE WINNER IS LAURAH27. I'll be contacting you about your prize when I return from Bent Con and a writer's retreat! Congrats!

You guys gave some great answers - and you got a lot of the ones we had on our list - However, you forgot one VERY homoerotic flick - the original Fright Night (check it out *wink*)

Hey everyone - it's my favorite holiday! Come on - with a name like Morticia, you couldn't guess???
There's going to be a linky list at the bottom so you can jump to the next blog for more chances at winning prizes, but for my giveaway here - I'll be giving one winner the choice of any backlist single ebook title. To be entered? Comment below (with info!!!) on what your favorite homoerotic Halloween film is and why.

The most obvious choice is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but there are several others out there *wink* When my good friend and I began comparing notes, we came up with over ten horror films that had some component of homoeroticism in it, either through innuendo or less subtle means. I'll be curious to see what you guys come up with!

Now hop on over to these other blogs for more chances to win!

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A Spirit of Love for My Sexy Saturday #MMF #menage #MySexySaturday #ghosthunters #romance #BDSM

Hi Everyone! I'm back from GRL and trying to get caught up. Wow. What a party. And - I got to meet so many AMAZING authors and wonderful readers. You all rocked.

For this week's My Sexy Saturday, we're all trying to come up with a Halloween based excerpt. The closest I have is from my MMF story A Spirit of Love. I can't believe this one has been out for two years already! Sophie, Martin and Emilio are ghost hunters, and the spirit can get rather frisky at times - but only when Sophie is around.

She opened the door into complete darkness. All of the shades were tightly drawn. It seemed as though the new owners hadn’t got to this room yet. It had a dank musty smell as if it had been shut away for years. With just a little of the natural daylight from the hallway seeping into the room, Sophie slipped inside and stood still. She listened to the thrum of her heart thumping in her ears and waited to see if the spirit would try to come through her.
“Oh,” she gasped. The entity had completely caught her off guard—absolutely nothing like this had ever happened to her before.
She was getting turned on. The energy coming through her was warm and sexual. Her nipples hardened immediately, and she was mortified to realise that her panties were getting moist from her desire. Her first instinct was to shut herself off and run. But she let it go since there didn’t seem to be any sense of threat or danger.
She allowed the spirit to continue to connect with her. There was a name, but she couldn’t get it. The entity seemed to have one and one thing only on its mind. It had obviously been a long time since whoever this was had got laid. She was able to discern that it was male, and very…kinky. She could feel rough natural ropes around her wrists and ankles, and she felt as if she were splayed wide open and naked.
What am I being tied to?
It was a large canopied bed, one that used to be in the very room she was standing in. She was experiencing intense arousal and a willingness to be restrained by this man. He stood over her prone body, something in his hand. It was a riding crop. He teased her aching flesh with it, circling her nipples, tickling the inside of her sensitive thighs. A loud snap, and a sting on one nipple.
“Ow!” she cried.
But, inside, she wanted more. She wanted the snap of his whip on all of her most tender areas. He obliged, and a strike hit the tip of her other nipple, the sharp pain immediately switching to intense pleasure. There were more flicks of her nipples with the riding tool, then light slaps on the insides of her legs, moving higher and higher until she received a harsh whack on her clit.
“Oooh!” she yelled as she jerked at the unexpected sensation. This was becoming crazy, yet she kept getting wetter and wetter. It was so out of the ordinary, not only because she had never sexually interacted with a ghost before, but also because she was not into BDSM at all, yet, here she was craving his next harsh ministration.

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Author S. Dora and A.Moore Bring You A Weekend Unbound with #Giveaway! @Totally_Bound #gay #BDSM #Erotic #Romance #TPE #NewRelease

I'd like to give a warm and hearty welcome to the wonderfully talented author S. Dora on a return visit here for her Weekend Unbound Blog Tour. She writes some incredibly hot M/M (or M/M/M) BDSM romance and she has a new release co-written by A. Moore. There's also an amazing $50 Gift Card giveaway and an excerpt,  so take it away S Dora!

Writer friends
By S. Dora
A quick look at Amazon, and other e-bookselling places, tells us that many writers are trying to get the reader’s attention, and hopefully some of their money. In my genre, erotic-romance, the choice of titles is downright overwhelming.

That means that writers are by definition each other’s competitors, and take it from me that there’s a stiff competition. But, that does that imply it’s all a state of near-war and false friendship?

Actually, not in my experience. I’ll give one example. I’m in the middle of an online tour to promote A Weekend Unbound, a book I’ve written together with A. Moore. Not only was working with a fellow writer an absolute pleasure, during the preparations for this tour, several of my fellow writers were more than happy to host me on their blogs. And when something went wrong due to a misunderstanding, and I asked Morticia Knight for the favour of exchanging the article I had already sent her for another, she said yes, of course. 

Yes, we all want to be the one with the bestseller, but we also know that other authors have written the books we love so much. And be honest, how many writers do you know who aren’t also readers?

Blurb for A Weekend Unbound:

How much can a Dom ask of his submissive? And how much of himself?

For Derek and Tyler, Dominance and submission have been part of their love right from the first hello. But now Derek wants his submissive to go as deep as he is physically and emotionally able to. During two days and two nights, there are no safety words and very few limits. This is their chance to demonstrate their love for one another through the most extreme scenes they’ve ever played.

There is, however, one rule to trump all others for Tyler—to protect Sir’s most loved possession, even if it means disobedience or going against his own need to submit to his Master without question or complaint.

This weekend will open up levels of their relationship they’ve never dreamed of before.

Reader Advisory: This book contains intense BDSM scenes, strong pain-play, mild humiliation, fisting, pet-play and mild sensual torment. Please be aware of the twenty-four-seven Total Power Exchange dynamic between those two men.
Like the sound of A Weekend Unbound? Buy it here:

About S. Dora:
S. Dora is the me writing m/m erotica, though I can imagine a m/f or f/f story might suddenly decide they want to get written too, somewhere in the future. The real me is also writing: novels and stories that don't revolve around the down and dirty. And the non-writing me? Is it interesting to know I'm a woman, born in 1961? That my wife and I celebrate our 33th anniversary in October 2015? That we have two sons and five cats and live near Rotterdam? That I had a novel published in Dutch? And one in English? That Dora is because of the little mechanical typewriter I bought with money earned with my very first summer job? That I studied social history and done all kinds of jobs? I guess it actually is, if only because every story ever told is important to at least one reader.

About A. Moore:
I have been reading gay erotica for over 15 years now and I’ve been writing it for a little under ten years. I’ve always had an interest in Dominance and submission, and my writing reflects how my thinking about the scene has evolved. I live in the southern United States, an area not incredibly open to alternative lifestyles, and the internet has been my salvation. I spent about six months working on a website, designing tease and denial games, and it is still one of my biggest kinks.

COMPETITION TIME: S. Dora and A. Moore are also running a competition for the chance to win a $50 gift card of choice. If you are interested please comment below with your reaction to this blog along with your email! If you feel more comfortable not commenting here, please email S. directly at The winner will be generated by at the end of the tour.